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ULTRA-NECK FAN™ Mini Portable Neck Fan

ULTRA-NECK FAN™ Mini Portable Neck Fan

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During this summer's heat, the best outdoor fan brings cool, refreshing breeze!


Designed For Low Noise & Comfort 

Wearable neckband generates noises of less than 36 db. The fan operates at a whisper-soft volume that's so quite, you can hear the gentle rhythm of your own breath. 

Compact, Portable, and Easy to Carry

Pick it up and go! Compact and portable, it's the perfect refreshing and cooling solution to have around your neck.

Enjoy Hot Summer Days with Neck Fan's Refreshing Breeze

As a gift for your loved ones, this The best outdoor fan brings cooling, chilly breezes during this hot summer!


With this hand free fan, you are able to use your hands free anywhere; Fashion and style makes you look cool and you can bring it wherever you go.


 With its safe, bladeless design and powerful airflow, this neck fan is perfect for anyone, including children and the elderly, making it an essential companion for hot weather and outdoor activities.


Stay cool for hours on end with our neckband fan, offering an impressive 3-6 hours of operation. Easily adjust the fan speed by pressing the power button, tailoring the airflow to your liking. Enjoy the perfect balance of extended cooling and customizable comfort with our innovative design.

Our personal neck fans are designed to be ultra-lightweight, weighing approximately 6.4 ounces, ensuring minimal strain on your neck during use.
Enjoy a wide range of applications with this versatile device, suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities such as office work, commuting on the subway, traveling, camping, picnics, hiking, cooking, and studying.
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